Imagine having to think about every heart beat you need to make. Our perfectly designed bodies exemplify automation of routine tasks. Your implementations should happen with the same degree of no-nonsense lets get the job done automation. Move-IT! can do it.

Data transfer

Automatic transfer of data from the old production version to the new for physical and logical files, and data areas. Either existing data can be copied through standard IBM commands, or a user written exit program can be called.

Ownership transfer

Automatic transfer of existing ownership and authorities from the old to the new object.  If this is a new object, then the Environment description will determine the owner and authorities based on the object type and security ranking.

Attribute transfer

Automatic transfer of existing object attributes for programs and all files types. (eg: If the current version of a program adopts its owners authority, the new version will be changed accordingly. File attributes such as file size and journalling will be applied to the new version)


When moving objects and copy members into production, Move-IT! can archive the old production version of the object and/or its source.

Source shadow

Shadowing of production source to another library, which may contain DDM files pointing to another system, ensures multi-system environments remain synchronised.

Unattended operation

Move-IT! treats each movement request as an atomic operation.  That is, if it can't move everything, it won't move anything.  Thus there are no surprises next morning when running in unattended mode.