Test-IT! is a comprehensive tool set that automates many of the laborious tasks involved in software testing. In particular, there are tools that perform the error prone checking tasks, dramatically improving the time taken to do the task, and its accuracy. All Test-IT! functions run exclusively on the AS/400, which means that all of your developement and testing staff have access to its many facilities.

Many of the tasks in testing software involve comparing test results back to control versions. It may be database files, interactive screens, or reports. Test-IT! takes the burden off your shoulders by performing all these compare tasks for you, and it does it quicker and accurately. And it never wishes it was doing something else!

Version 2 has been focused on the specific needs of Year 2000 testing. The new features are primarily a set of stand-alone commands that assist in setting up and checking a test database. A batch counterpart to the interactive testing function has also been introduced.