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This set of services started out with just the basics, but each release sees additions that continue to make your job so much easier, and more accurate.



Of course there are facilities to shift to the left and right, and to centre as well.



Printing is also available, including the If-Do levels.

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Character force

There are times when you need to force a character string into a specific location, regardless of the current contents. So scan & replace won't do the job, but THE Editor's Choice will.


Incrementing/Decrementing from & to columns

Imagine you have a data structure with over 50 sub-fields, and you need to insert a field near the top. If it is old code, you have a lot of from and to values to change, which means a high probability for error.

With THE Editor's Choice, you can simply tell it to add/subtract x to a range of from/to locations. The job is done in a second, and you know it's correct, so no corrupted data. What a relief.


Spell check

Do you maintain help text source? Even if you are both a good speller and a good typist, mistakes can still creep in. If the Spelling Aid Dictionaries program product is installed, you now have help writing help text that is helpful.


Continuous text

Another service to help the help text writer is being able to group a number of statements, and present the text in a single paragraph to allow for insertion and deletion. The text is then written back formatted to fit the statement width.


RPG Column swap

You read a database record and MOVE all the fields to the screen counterparts. When it comes time to update the file, you have to swap Factor 2 and the Result field values. From now on, please allow THE Editor's Choice to do it for you - it's even faster than using cut and paste on a PC 5250 session. (Factor 1 & 2 swaps are also supported)

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