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The downloads made available on this page are available to all.  Generally they are utilities that we have found very useful, and we want to share them with you.   Some are provided in object code, others in source code so that you can use the underlying technique yourself, or adapt it to your specific needs.  Where source code is provided, please note that Application Genesis is the Copyright owner, and we request that you leave the copyright notice in the source code.

Please Note:

All programs and utilities available from this page are not covered by any warranty, express or implied.  They are offered on an "as supplied" basis only.  Limited technical support may be available at the descression of Application Genesis.  It is the users responsibility to ensure that the function performed by the software is what the user expects.  We strongly recommend testing each item you download before using it in a production environment.

CPYSAVF  Copies a savefile between from/to a database file or a PC file in a shared folder.

DSPDBD   Displays a database files descriptions

DSPUSRIDX   Displays a User Spaces and User Indexs

BLDTSTDB Simple commands to build a test database

DSPFLDUSE Analyse where a field is used

WRKGENJOB Work with Generic Jobs